Jean-Sébastien and Mélanie are definitely a beautiful model of mutual support. Friends, spouses, accomplices and… always a little Rebels!

In 2017, working as a flight engineer in the Canadian Armed Forces for almost 21 years, J-S accepted an assignment in Nova Scotia. As he had to leave Quebec, Mélanie chose to follow him, giving up a well-established career as a specialized beneficiary attendant for patients suffering from severe disabilities.

In short, a big decision involving lots of adjustments.


A pinch of stress management, two coffeespoons of compromise, three ounces of flexibility and most of all … lots of cups of coffee!

But as if this was not enough, once their new life started, the hyperactive sidekicks were willing to take on new challenges. This is how Melanie decided to open her own home daycare and that the duo decided to achieve a project they had dreamed of  for a long time: creating their own coffee.


A coffee that suits them. At once generous, smart and daring. A coffee of which each bean has been selected and roasted with passion. In fact, in order to truly understand and master the art of selecting and roasting coffee beans, JS seized the opportunity of a trip to Honduras to meet with some experts who agreed to reveal him many secrets.


Karma, is first and foremost the great accomplice of J-S and Melanie. The big playful dog who has been sowing happiness and laughter in their daily life for 8 years now. The faithful four-legged friend with a sweet, affectionate and … particularly scared temperament!

Obviously, as a pitbull, Karma undergoes several prejudices associated with her breed. But what most people don’t know is that the slightest unexpected noise makes her jump and run to hide.

Yup… A pitbull afraid of its own shadow!

But for the Rebels, Karma mainly represents the joy and spontaneity that pushed them to realize their project of creating coffees that rhyme with happiness, flavor and fairness. Unique and docile coffees that are easy to adopt.


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